Refrigerated Trucking Services

Refrigerated Trucking Services

Frozen Foods / Perishables & Chilled Food

FALCOTRANS LTD provides a refrigerated trucking service to any destination across the European market. We offer our customers access to a network of dedicated temperature controlled trucks known as reefers. These units can transport refrigerated or frozen foods as well as temperature sensitive cargo through all sorts of outdoor weather fluctuations.

The refrigerated unit on each truck is capable of monitoring interior load temperatures and ensuring that cargo is maintained at constant temperatures as pre-defined by the client. We understand that food and other types of perishable shipments can become worthless – or more importantly, dangerous – if they are not kept at their required temperature and transported to their destination in a
timely manner.

Meat spoils, vegetables rot, while dairy curdles. Such transportation blunders can leave the supplier with a truckload of inedible product and the purchaser scrambling to stock their shelves with food from your competition.

We work closely with each of our drivers to ensure that all refrigerated trucks are properly maintained and exceed safety requirements before departure.

Our timely delivery of temperature controlled product is unmatched in our industry and we strive for perfection with every shipment. We understand the importance of safety when it comes to food and beverage shipping

Our vehicles are fully temperature controlled from small car-drive vehicles through to 40ft articulated units. All of our drivers are trained and fully compliant with EU regulations. At Falcotrans you can be assured of the highest standards possible. The unique attention to detail we place on each and every item handled is second to none. Using temperature ranges from -30c to +30c, we have a complete audit trail of each vehicle so we can provide you with up to the minute temperature print-outs for all your shipments. Our completely transparent GPS tracking transmits not only the vehicle location but also fully enables online temperature monitoring. Our registered clients have full access to view:

• Current vehicle temperature
• Daily average temperature
• Number of door openings
• GPS location 24-7

All of our vehicles are scrupulously sanitized. Temperatures are calibrated and mapped to the highest standards. We pride ourselves on controls and by ensuring a high level of servicing on all vehicles means our clients are safe in the knowledge that goods will be delivered at the correct temperature. With on board temperature print outs, our drivers can provide temperature confirmation for loading and unloading purposes to provide a completely closed cold chain and a full audit trail.

Published: 01 January 2022

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