BAF Charge to be introduced from the 7th of April 2022.

Increase in Surcharge April 2022

Ferry companies have informed us that there will be an additional increase going forward starting from the 4th of April. Please find copy of the document at the bottom:

This has once again forced us to increase our rates further in order to keep up with this increase. To this effect kindly note that loads that arrive as of the 7th of April 2022 onwards our rates will change as follows: 

  • Surcharge will be reduced from the current 19% to 15%.
  • An additional BAF charge of 10% will be introduced.
  • Full loads will be reduced from current €520 to €400 and a BAF charge of €360 will be introduced.
  • This applies to all IMPORTS.

While we understand that this is frustrating, 2022 continues to be a year of great uncertainty and we are simply not able to predict what is going to happen going forward. 

Please note that the BAF charge may fluctuate should further increases or decreases in rates and costs be reviewed. 

Falcotrans remains at your disposal and if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Author: Jean Falzon Published: 30 March 2022

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