Temperature Controlled Warehouses

Falcotrans has invested in order to make all its warehouses temperature controlled.

Malta is known for having great weather. No matter who you ask anyone who has been to Malta will tell you that the weather is our biggest selling point. While we all enjoy the heat in summer, especially when we are swimming or sunbathing, for companies like Falcotrans it poses a problem. When goods are unloaded from reefer trailers and loaded back onto refer trucks, even though the goods will only be out of temperature for a short amount of time, this is enough to raise the temperature of the pallets. While for most clients this is not a deal breaker, Falcotrans, in their effort to be the very best in class, has invested in order to make its warehouses temperature controlled.


This means that Falcotrans can guarantee that reefer pallets can be in temperature controlled conditions from the point of pick up in any European Country  to the final destination. This will ensure that goods will be transported and delivered in the correct temperature each and every time.


For more information about our temperature controlled services kindly get in touch with our Sales Manager Jean Falzon on sales@falcotrans.com or +356 9987 6312.



Author: Jean Falzon Published: 20 June 2018

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